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Lightweight bucket hat handcrafted in our studio from Japanese Aizu cotton with small appliqué made from antique kimono fabric.
Size 56 – 58 possible.
Please specify exact size when ordering, hat will be adjusted.

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Material: 100 % cotton (Aizu Momen)
Appliqué: 100 % cotton (Kurume Gasuri, antique kimono fabric)
Inner lining: 100 % silk

Aizu Momen is a cotton fabric that has been woven in Aizu Wakamatsu, a town in the north-eastern part of the Japanese archipelago, for over 400 years. It is still highly valued today because of its high quality and traditional production techniques. The 100-year-old looms of the Yamada Momen Orimoto Company, from which our fabrics come, were developed by the founder of Toyoto Industries, Sakichi Tayoda, long before his son became famous with automobiles.

Aizu cotton has long been used by farmers for work clothes.
Originally, the fabric was woven by women farm workers during their breaks from work. Even today, it is women who operate the old looms in meditative-like work.
Before weaving, the warp is soaked in wheat starch. On top of this, the weft threads are woven in between, creating fine knots that form a layer of air in the textile.
Compared to other cotton textiles, Aizu Momen has a higher breathability and is also very absorbent. The fabric is thick and durable, cool in summer and warm in winter.

Most of the cotton produced at Yamada Momen Orimoto Company is woven into thick vertical stripes that are very strong. This stripe technique was brought in by weavers invited to the region. Each area developed a wide variety of jijima or local stripes, with different colours and widths of stripes dyed with local plants. These local stripe patterns were so specific that you could tell which village a person lived in by looking at the stripes.